Title 15 RCW


General provisions.
Horticultural pests and diseases.
Horticultural pest and disease board.
Horticultural plants, Christmas trees, and facilitiesInspection and licensing.
Planting stock.
Certified seed potatoes.
Standards of grades and packs.
Washington fresh fruit sales limitation act.
Washington apple commission.
Tree fruit research act.
Soft tree fruits.
Controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables.
Washington state milk pooling act.
Milk and milk products.
Milk and milk products for animal food.
Dairy products commission.
Seed bailment contracts.
Brassica seed production.
Commercial feed.
Fertilizers, minerals, and limes.
Washington pesticide control act.
Ladybugs and other beneficial insects.
Honey bee commission.
Farm marketing.
Washington state agricultural commodity boards.
Washington state agricultural commodity commissions.
Rural rehabilitation.
Hardwoods commission.
Agricultural fairs, youth shows, exhibitions.
Agricultural marketing and fair practices.
Aquaculture marketing.
Organic products.
Wine commission.
Washington beer commission.
Center for sustaining agriculture and natural resources.
Forest products commission.
From the heart of Washington program.
Washington grain commission.
Industrial hemp research program.
Marijuana and marijuana products.
Food safety and security act.
Produce safety rule implementation.
Agister and trainer liens: Chapter 60.56 RCW.
exempt from unemployment compensation: RCW 50.04.150.
exemptions for certain workers from minimum wage act: RCW 49.46.010.
processing and marketing associations: Chapter 24.34 RCW.
products, commission merchants, dealers, brokers, etc.: Chapter 20.01 RCW.
belonging to another, killing, maiming, or disfiguring: RCW 9A.48.070 through 9A.48.090.
crimes relating to: Chapter 9.08 RCW.
fur farming: Chapter 16.72 RCW.
generally: Title 16 RCW.
larcenous appropriation of livestock: Chapter 9A.56 RCW, RCW 9A.56.100.
Bureau of statistics: Chapter 43.07 RCW.
Burning permits within fire protection district: RCW 52.12.101.
Commission merchants: Chapter 20.01 RCW.
Cooperative associations: Chapter 23.86 RCW.
brands and marks: Chapter 9.16 RCW.
relating to animals: Chapter 9.08 RCW.
relating to fires: Chapter 9A.48 RCW.
liens: Chapter 60.11 RCW.
mortgages: Article 62A.9A RCW.
Dealers in hay or straw, certified vehicle weights required: RCW 20.01.125.
Department of agriculture: Chapters 43.17, 43.23 RCW.
Eggs and egg products: Chapter 69.25 RCW.
Farm labor contractors: Chapter 19.30 RCW.
Farm vehicles, gross weight fees: RCW 46.16A.425 and 46.17.330.
Food, drug, and cosmetic act: Chapter 69.04 RCW.
Food and beverages, worker's permits: Chapter 69.06 RCW.
Fraud in measurement of agricultural products: RCW 9.45.122 through 9.45.126.
elevators, warehouses, etc.: Title 22 RCW.
warehouse insurance: Chapter 22.09 RCW.
Grain and other commodities, standard grades: Chapter 22.09 RCW.
Grain and terminal warehouses, commodity inspection: Chapter 22.09 RCW.
Granges: Chapter 24.28 RCW.
Grazing ranges: RCW 79.10.125, chapter 79.13 RCW.
Honey: Chapter 69.28 RCW.
Insect pests and plant diseases: Chapter 17.24 RCW.
Investment of agricultural commodity commission funds in savings or time deposits of banks, trust companies and mutual savings banks: RCW 15.66.185.
Liability of agricultural landowners for injuries to recreation usersLimitation: RCW 4.24.210.
agister and trainer: Chapter 60.56 RCW.
chattel, crop liens: Chapter 60.08 RCW.
crop: Chapter 60.11 RCW.
orchards and orchard lands: Chapter 60.16 RCW.
services of sires: Chapter 60.52 RCW.
warehouse operator's: Article 62A.7 RCW.
Mosquito control: Chapter 70.22 RCW.
Motor vehicles
juvenile agricultural driving permits: RCW 46.20.070.
lamps on farm tractors, equipment, etc.: RCW 46.37.160.
Nuisances, agricultural activities: RCW 7.48.300 through 7.48.310.
Orchards and orchard lands, liens: Chapter 60.16 RCW.
Pest control compact: Chapter 17.34 RCW.
Pesticide application: Chapter 17.21 RCW.
Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debtsFees: RCW 19.16.500.
Services of sires, lien: Chapter 60.52 RCW.
Soil conservation: Chapter 89.08 RCW.
Swine, garbage feeding: Chapter 16.36 RCW.
Vocational agriculture educationService areasPrograms in local school districts: RCW 28A.300.090.
Washington clean air act: Chapter 70.94 RCW.
destruction by cities: RCW 35.21.310.
generally: Title 17 RCW.
Weights and measures
generally: Chapter 19.94 RCW.
standards, packages, boxes, etc.: Chapter 19.94 RCW.
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