Chapter 15.66 RCW


Regulating agricultural commoditiesExisting comprehensive scheme.
Regulating agricultural commoditiesLaws applicable.
Commission may establish foundation.
Marketing orders authorizedPurposes.
Prerequisites to marketing ordersDirector's duties.
Petition for marketing orderDeposit to defray department's expensesCircumstances requiring reimbursement.
Proceedings subject to administrative procedure actExemptions.
Director's duties and responsibilitiesRules.
Lists of affected partiesNoticeUse of lists.
Petitions for marketing ordersPublic hearingLegal notice.
Findings, conclusions, and recommended decision of the directorNotificationFinal decision.
After final decisionAssent of affected parties determined by referendum.
Suspension of marketing order upon request of commodity commission.
Issuing, amending, or terminating a marketing orderLimitation on public hearings or referendums.
Contents of marketing order.
Certain records exempt from public disclosureExemptionsActions not prohibited by chapter.
Commodity commissionCompositionTerms.
When director appoints majority of the commissionNominationsAdvisory voteNoticeDirector selects either of two candidates receiving the most votes.
Commodity commissionNominationsElectionsVacancies.
After any vote, referendum, nomination, or electionAffected parties provided resultsDisputes.
Commodity commissionMeetingsQuorumCompensationTravel expenses for members and employees.
Commodity commissionPowers and duties.
Commission's plans, programs, and projectsDirector's approval required.
Commission speaks for stateDirector's oversight.
Lists of all affected producers and handlersAffected parties responsible for accuracyUse of lists.
Members may belong to association with same objectivesContracts with associations authorized.
Annual assessmentsRateCollection.
Promotional hosting expendituresRules.
When commodity commission is terminatedDuties of affected commodity commission.
Annual assessmentsDisposition of revenue.
Annual assessmentsPaymentsCivil action to enforce.
Expenditure of funds collected.
Investment of agricultural commodity commission funds in savings or time deposits of banks, trust companies, and mutual savings banks.
Official bonds required.
Petition for modification or exemptionHearingAppeal from ruling.
Unlawful actsPenaltiesInjunctionsInvestigations.
Compliance with chapter a defense in any action.
Liability of commission, state, etc.
Marketing agreements.
Marketing agreement or orderAuthority for participation in proceedings concerning regulation of pesticides or agricultural chemicals.
Price fixing and product limiting prohibited.
Costs of conducting nominations and electionsReimbursement.
Costs of implementing RCW 15.66.141.
Exempt commissionsMarketing agreements and orders.
Applicability of chapter to state agencies or other governmental units.
Restrictive provisions of chapter 43.19 RCW not applicable to promotional printing and literature of commissions.
Short title.
Agricultural processing and marketing associations: Chapter 24.34 RCW.
Investment of agricultural commodity commission funds in savings or time deposits of banks, trust companies and mutual savings banks: RCW 15.66.185.
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