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At-risk youth petitionDispositional hearing.

(1) A dispositional hearing shall be held no later than fourteen days after the fact-finding hearing. Each party shall be notified of the time and date of the hearing.
(2) At the dispositional hearing regarding an adjudicated at-risk youth, the court shall consider the recommendations of the parties and the recommendations of any dispositional plan submitted by the department. The court may enter a dispositional order that will assist the parent in maintaining the care, custody, and control of the child and assist the family to resolve family conflicts or problems.
(3) The court may set conditions of supervision for the child that include:
(a) Regular school attendance;
(b) Counseling;
(c) Participation in a substance abuse or mental health outpatient treatment program;
(d) Reporting on a regular basis to the department or any other designated person or agency; and
(e) Any other condition the court deems an appropriate condition of supervision including but not limited to: Employment, participation in an anger management program, and refraining from using alcohol or drugs.
(4) No dispositional order or condition of supervision ordered by a court pursuant to this section shall include involuntary commitment of a child for substance abuse or mental health treatment.
(5) The court may order the parent to participate in counseling services or any other services for the child requiring parental participation. The parent shall cooperate with the court-ordered case plan and shall take necessary steps to help implement the case plan. The parent shall be financially responsible for costs related to the court-ordered plan; however, this requirement shall not affect the eligibility of the parent or child for public assistance or other benefits to which the parent or child may otherwise be entitled.
(6) The parent may request dismissal of an at-risk youth proceeding or out-of-home placement at any time. Upon such a request, the court shall dismiss the matter and cease court supervision of the child unless: (a) A contempt action is pending in the case; (b) a petition has been filed under RCW 13.32A.150 and a hearing has not yet been held under RCW 13.32A.179; or (c) an order has been entered under RCW 13.32A.179(3) and the court retains jurisdiction under that subsection. The court may retain jurisdiction over the matter for the purpose of concluding any pending contempt proceedings, including the full satisfaction of any penalties imposed as a result of a contempt finding.
(7) The court may order the department to monitor compliance with the dispositional order, assist in coordinating the provision of court-ordered services, and submit reports at subsequent review hearings regarding the status of the case.


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Intent1990 c 276: See RCW 13.32A.015.
Conflict with federal requirementsSeverability1990 c 276: See notes following RCW 13.32A.020.
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