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Out-of-home placement dispositional orderReview hearingsTime limitation on out-of-home placementTermination of placement at request of parent.

(1) Upon making a dispositional order under RCW 13.32A.179, the court shall schedule the matter on the calendar for review within three months, advise the parties of the date thereof, appoint legal counsel and/or a guardian ad litem to represent the child at the review hearing, advise parents of their right to be represented by legal counsel at the review hearing, and notify the parties of their rights to present evidence at the hearing. Where resources are available, the court shall encourage the parent and child to participate in programs for reconciliation of their conflict.
(2) At the review hearing, the court shall approve or disapprove the continuation of the dispositional plan in accordance with this chapter. The court shall determine whether reasonable efforts have been made to reunify the family and make it possible for the child to return home. The court shall discontinue the placement and order that the child return home if the court has reasonable grounds to believe that the parents have made reasonable efforts to resolve the conflict and the court has reason to believe that the child's refusal to return home is capricious. If out-of-home placement is continued, the court may modify the dispositional plan.
(3) Out-of-home placement may not be continued past one hundred eighty days from the day the review hearing commenced. The court shall order the child to return to the home of the parent at the expiration of the placement. If an out-of-home placement is disapproved prior to one hundred eighty days, the court shall enter an order requiring the child to return to the home of the child's parent.
(4) The parents and the department may request, and the juvenile court may grant, dismissal of an out-of-home placement order when it is not feasible for the department to provide services due to one or more of the following circumstances:
(a) The child has been absent from court approved placement for thirty consecutive days or more;
(b) The parents or the child, or all of them, refuse to cooperate in available, appropriate intervention aimed at reunifying the family; or
(c) The department has exhausted all available and appropriate resources that would result in reunification.
(5) The court shall terminate a placement made under this section upon the request of a parent unless the placement is made pursuant to RCW 13.32A.179(3).
(6) The court may dismiss a child in need of services petition filed by a parent at any time if the court finds good cause to believe that continuation of out-of-home placement would serve no useful purpose.
(7) The court shall dismiss a child in need of services proceeding if the child is the subject of a proceeding under chapter 13.34 RCW.


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Short title1995 c 312: See note following RCW 13.32A.010.
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