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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Kuderer (2023-24)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
E2SSB 5045 Docs af# ADU rental/property tax C 335 L 23 05/08/2023 Kuderer
E2SSB 5213 Docs f Health care benefit managers H 2nd Reading 02/28/2024 Kuderer HB 1253(H HC/Wellness)
ESSB 5082 Docs f# Advisory votes C 109 L 23 04/20/2023 Kuderer HB 1158(H State Govt & T)
ESSB 5197 Docs af Eviction processes C 336 L 23 05/08/2023 Kuderer
ESSB 5267 Docs f# Railroad workers S Rules X 01/08/2024 Kuderer HB 1548(H Rules X)
SB 5059 Docs f# Prejudgment interest S Ways & Means 01/27/2023 Kuderer
SB 5193 Docs d Firearms/assault weapons S Law & Justice 01/09/2023 Kuderer HB 1180(H Civil R & Judi)
SB 5239 Docs f Vapor & tobacco products S Health & Long 01/10/2023 Kuderer
SB 5255 Docs fd Lump sum reporting system S Law & Justice 01/11/2023 Kuderer HB 1262(C 248 L 23)
SB 5265 Docs d Firearms/assault weapons S Law & Justice 01/11/2023 Kuderer HB 1240(H subst for)
SB 5495 Docs f# Property tax rebates S Ways & Means 01/20/2023 Kuderer HB 1556(H Finance)
SB 5509 Docs f# Public infrastructure bank S Business, Fin 01/23/2023 Kuderer
SB 5608 Docs Medical use of cannabis S Labor & Comm 01/27/2023 Kuderer HB 1563(C 254 L 23)
SB 5618 Docs f# Local property tax limit S Loc Gov, Land 01/30/2023 Kuderer
SB 5707 Docs f Housing court pilot program S Law & Justice 02/06/2023 Kuderer
SB 5737 Docs f Vehicle residences/impound S Housing 02/09/2023 Kuderer
SB 5797 Docs f Authorized insurer fines S Business, Fin 01/08/2024 Kuderer
SB 5842 Docs f Child support/SSN use H Passed 3rd 02/29/2024 Kuderer
SB 5963 Docs f Deadly weapons insurance S Law & Justice 01/08/2024 Kuderer
SB 6081 Docs f Consumer contracts S Law & Justice 01/09/2024 Kuderer
SB 6153 Docs Peace officer hiring & cert. S Law & Justice 01/11/2024 Kuderer
SJM 8000 Docs Campaign contributions S State Govt & E 01/12/2023 Kuderer
SJR 8206 Docs f# Property tax rebates S Ways & Means 01/20/2023 Kuderer HJR 4205(H Finance)
SR 8630 Docs Women in cloud S Adopted 03/30/2023 Kuderer
SR 8653 Docs Danny O'Keefe S Adopted 01/18/2024 Kuderer
SR 8657 Docs Women in cloud S Adopted 01/25/2024 Kuderer
SSB 5060 Docs Rental & vacant properties S Ways & Means 02/09/2023 Kuderer
SSB 5061 Docs f# Personnel records S Ways & Means 02/08/2023 Kuderer HB 1320(H subst for)
SSB 5118 Docs f# Multifamily property tax ex. S Ways & Means 01/25/2024 Kuderer
SSB 5493 Docs f Financial instit./B&O tax S Ways & Means 02/09/2023 Kuderer
SSB 5722 Docs f# Traffic cameras, photo tolls H Community Safe 02/13/2024 Kuderer
SSB 5798 Docs f Insurance notices H 2nd Reading 02/29/2024 Kuderer
SSB 5804 Docs a Opioid overdose med./schools H Passed 3rd 02/27/2024 Kuderer HB 2029(H Education)
SSB 5806 Docs Insurance company data H Passed 3rd 02/28/2024 Kuderer
SSB 5924 Docs f# Access to personnel records S Ways & Means 01/24/2024 Kuderer
SSB 6136 Docs f# Rental property B&O tax S Ways & Means 01/25/2024 Kuderer

Total Count: 36

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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