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Detailed Legislative Reports - Primary Sponsored Bills by Stonier (2023-24)

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Bill Docs Flags Title Status Veto Date Original Sponsor Companion Bills
2SHB 1151 Docs f Fertility services coverage H Rules X 02/20/2024 Stonier SB 5204(S Health & Long)
2SHB 1450 Docs f Biomarker testing coverage H Approps 01/31/2024 Stonier SB 5074(S Health & Long)
3SHB 1579 Docs f# Independent prosecutions S Ways & Means 02/21/2024 Stonier
EHB 1714 Docs f Financial literacy grants S Ways & Means 02/21/2024 Stonier
EHB 2266 Docs f Construction/sanitary cond. S 2nd Reading 02/23/2024 Stonier SB 6107(S Labor & Comm)
ESHB 1248 Docs f Pupil transportation S Ways & Means 02/21/2024 Stonier
ESHB 1251 Docs f# Water system notices C 140 L 23 04/20/2023 Stonier SB 5215(S Health & Long)
ESHB 2331 Docs a Public school materials S Passed 3rd 02/22/2024 Stonier SB 6208(S EL/K-12)
HB 1253 Docs f Pharmacy benefit managers H HC/Wellness 01/12/2023 Stonier SB 5213(S subst for)
HB 1308 Docs afo Graduation pathway options C 349 L 23 05/09/2023 Stonier
HB 1353 Docs School district elections H Education 01/16/2023 Stonier
HB 1354 Docs f School volunteers/conviction H Education 01/16/2023 Stonier
HB 1455 Docs f# Child marriage H Spkr Signed 02/24/2024 Stonier SB 5695(S Law & Justice)
HB 1549 Docs AP course options H Education 01/24/2023 Stonier
HB 1665 Docs Pharmacist treatment H HC/Wellness 01/30/2023 Stonier
HB 2053 Docs f Ninth grade success grants H Approps 01/08/2024 Stonier
HB 2263 Docs f Assisted living facilities H HC/Wellness 01/10/2024 Stonier
HB 2337 Docs o LEOFF 2 board employees H Approps 01/12/2024 Stonier SB 6198(S subst for)
HB 2342 Docs f Dependent youth financial ed H Human Svc, You 01/12/2024 Stonier
HB 2349 Docs Job posting wage disclosures H Labor & Workpl 01/12/2024 Stonier SB 6241(S Labor & Comm)
HB 2377 Docs Laser hair removal H HC/Wellness 01/15/2024 Stonier
HB 2397 Docs f Assisted living/housing prov H HC/Wellness 01/16/2024 Stonier SB 6255(S Health & Long)
HJR 4203 Docs School district bonds H Education 01/16/2023 Stonier
HR 4633 Docs Rep. Jim Moeller H Adopted 03/31/2023 Stonier
SHB 1094 Docs fd Future fund program H Approps 01/31/2023 Stonier SB 5125(S Ways & Means)
SHB 1960 Docs Prototypical school staffing H Rules X 02/20/2024 Stonier SB 5882(S subst for)
SHB 2144 Docs f# Beverage deposit return prg. H Rules X 02/20/2024 Stonier

Total Count: 27

a Amended. $ Appropriation bill. f State fiscal note on file. d Department.
e Governor. b Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee. o Other. # Local fiscal note on file.

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