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PDFWAC 230-17-165

Summary suspensions.

(1) "Summary suspension" means immediately taking a license or permit from a person or organization which prevents them from operating or conducting gambling activities.
(2) The commission delegates its authority to the director to issue an order to summarily suspend any license or permit if the director determines that a licensee or permittee has performed one or more of the actions identified in RCW 9.46.075 as posing a threat to public health, safety, or welfare.
(3) The commission deems the following actions of a licensee or permittee constitute an immediate danger to the public safety and welfare:
(a) Failing or refusing to comply with the provisions, requirements, conditions, limitations, or duties imposed by chapter 9.46 RCW or any rules adopted by the commission; or
(b) Knowingly causing, aiding, abetting, or conspiring with another to cause any person to violate any of the laws of this state or the rules of the commission; or
(c) Obtaining a license or permit by fraud, misrepresentation, concealment, or through inadvertence or mistake; or
(d) Being convicted of, or forfeiting of a bond on a charge of, or having pled guilty to:
(i) Forgery; or
(ii) Larceny; or
(iii) Extortion; or
(iv) Conspiracy to defraud; or
(v) Willful failure to make required payments or reports to a governmental agency at any level, or filing false reports therewith, or of any similar offense or offenses; or
(vi) Bribing or otherwise unlawfully influencing a public official or employee of any state or the United States; or
(vii) Any crime, whether a felony or misdemeanor involving any gambling activity or physical harm to individuals or involving moral turpitude; or
(e) Allowing any person who has been convicted of, or forfeited bond on, any of the offenses included under (d) of this subsection, to participate in the management or operation of any activity regulated by the commission without written approval ahead of time from the commission or its director; or
(f) Being subject to current prosecution or pending charges, or appealing a conviction, for any of the offenses included under (d) of this subsection; or
(g) Denying the commission or its authorized representatives, including authorized local law enforcement agencies, access to any place where a licensed activity is conducted or failure to promptly produce for inspection or audit any book, record, document, or item required by law or commission rule; or
(h) Making a misrepresentation of, or failure to disclose, a material fact to the commission; or
(i) Having pursued or pursuing economic gain in an occupational manner or context which is in violation of the criminal or civil public policy of this state if such pursuit creates probable cause to believe that the participation of such person in gambling or related activities would be inimical to the proper operation of an authorized gambling or related activity in this state. For the purposes of this section, occupational manner or context shall be defined as the systematic planning, administration, management, or execution of an activity for financial gain; or
(j) Being a career offender or a member of a career offender cartel or an associate of a career offender or career offender cartel in such a manner which creates probable cause to believe that the association is of such a nature as to be inimical to the policy of chapter 9.46 RCW or to the proper operation of the authorized gambling or related activities in this state. For the purposes of this section, career offender is defined as any person whose behavior is pursued in an occupational manner or context for the purpose of economic gain utilizing such methods as are deemed criminal violations of the public policy of this state. A career offender cartel is defined as any group of persons who operate together as career offenders; or
(k) If a charitable or nonprofit organization, being deemed to be operating bingo primarily for gambling purposes and continuing to use program funds to subsidize the operation of gambling activities.
(4) An order of summary suspension takes effect immediately on service unless stated otherwise in the order of summary suspension.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 07-21-156 (Order 615), ยง 230-17-165, filed 10/24/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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