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PDFWAC 230-11-103

Independent audit required for enhanced raffles.

(1) Charitable or nonprofit licensees conducting enhanced raffles must have an independent audit conducted on each enhanced raffle and the associated smaller raffles.
(2) Licensees must hire an independent, certified public accountant or firm licensed by the Washington state board of accountancy to conduct the audit.
(3) The licensee must submit the auditor's report no later than sixty days following the date of the enhanced raffle grand prize drawing.
(4) We may grant an organization additional time to submit the information required if a written request is received before the due date. The president of the organization must sign any request for additional time and include a statement explaining the hardship causing the delay, and the expected date the required report(s) will be submitted.
(5) The independent auditor's report must include:
(a) For the enhanced raffle grand prize drawing and each associated smaller raffles:
(i) Date of the drawing;
(ii) Location of the drawing;
(iii) Gross receipts; and
(iv) Prizes awarded;
(b) List of all expenses used to calculate net proceeds;
(c) Itemized list of all expenses and associated amounts for conducting the enhanced raffle;
(d) Source of funds for purchasing prizes and conducting the enhanced raffle;
(e) The amount of funds that the charitable or nonprofit licensee used or that will be used towards their stated purpose;
(f) Report any state or federal regulatory actions taken in relation to enhanced raffles in Washington; and
(g) Any other information we require to ensure completeness of the information reported.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070 and 9.46.0209. WSR 13-19-056 (Order 692), ยง 230-11-103, filed 9/16/13, effective 10/17/13.]
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