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PDFWAC 468-85-310

Review of comprehensive transit plan of public transportation benefit area.

(1) Within sixty days of the receipt thereof, the department shall review any comprehensive transit plan submitted by a public transportation benefit area. The department shall determine whether or not such comprehensive transit plan can be "approved" on the basis of the following standards:
(a) The capital improvement program and anticipated upgrading costs are offset by the proposed system funding;
(b) The comprehensive transit plan as submitted contains all of the elements required by WAC 468-85-200.
(2) In the event such plan is approved, the department shall certify to the state treasurer that a public transportation benefit area that submitted a reviewed and approved plan is eligible to receive the motor vehicle excise tax proceeds authorized pursuant to RCW 35.58.273, as now or hereafter amended, in the manner prescribed by chapter 82.44 RCW, as now or hereafter amended.
(3) The county transportation authority or public transportation benefit area shall supply a copy of the comprehensive transit plan and any updated portions thereof shall be supplied within thirty days of the official adoption thereof to the chief executives of every unit of general purpose local government located in whole or in part within the jurisdiction of that planning entity; every regional transportation planning organization, and engineering or public works department of any unit of general purpose local government, located in whole or in part within the jurisdiction of that planning entity; the department; and the regional administrator and public transportation and rail division director of the department.
(4) In the event a comprehensive transit plan is disapproved and a public transportation benefit area is determined to be ineligible to receive such motor vehicle tax proceeds, the department shall provide written notice to such entity within thirty days as to the reasons for the plan disapproval and the entity's ineligibility, together with notice that such public transportation benefit area may resubmit a corrected plan at any time.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 36.57A.150. WSR 98-11-046 (Order 176), § 468-85-310, filed 5/18/98, effective 6/18/98; WSR 80-01-029 (Order 42), § 468-85-310, filed 12/17/79.]
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