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PDFWAC 468-305-300

How can I open a Good To Go!™ toll account?

(1) A customer can open a Good To Go!™ account online, in person, or over the phone. One or more vehicles can be connected or associated with an account. The Good To Go!™ terms and conditions contains a full explanation of the Good To Go!™ toll collection program.
(2) With a Good To Go!™ account, a customer can select from the following payment options:
(a) Pay As You Go. This account option allows the customer to be automatically charged at regular intervals after toll facilities are used. This option requires a valid debit or credit card to open.
(b) Prepaid. This account option allows the customer to prepay an amount to their account which will be charged as toll facilities are used. This option does not require a valid debit or credit card but requires a minimum prepaid amount to open. A valid debit or credit card or automated clearinghouse (ACH) can be used to automatically add funds to the account when the balance reaches a customer set minimum. Alternatively, a prepaid account can be replenished manually in person, online, or by phone.
(c) Unregistered account. This option allows a customer to open an account without any personal or vehicle information. The customer must use a Good To Go!™ Pass to be identified. Unregistered accounts must manually replenish and cannot use Auto Pay features.
(d) Invoiced. This account option is for restricted cases such as government agencies and other limited circumstances.
(e) Rental vehicle. This account option is for rental vehicle companies. Rental agencies can use these accounts to transfer liability to their customers within thirty days of billing, consistent with RCW 46.63.160(10).
(f) Nonrevenue. This account option is for entities such as public and private transit, law enforcement, fire departments, and other emergency vehicles that are exempt from tolls according to enacted law. It is the account owner's responsibility to maintain a registry with WSDOT of current fleet vehicles for exemption.
(3) With a Good To Go!™ account, a customer can select from the following options for vehicle identification:
(a) Good To Go!™ Pass. This vehicle identification option requires a Good To Go!™ Pass that is installed in a vehicle and is readable by the toll facility's electronic toll system. This vehicle identification method is the lowest cost option for the customer and WSDOT.
(b) Pay By Plate. This vehicle identification option allows a vehicle to be identified by its license plate registration through the photo toll system. A Pay By Plate fee is added to each toll. This option is not available on facilities without photo tolling such as the SR 167 HOT lanes. Each license plate can only be associated with one account, although one account can have multiple license plates or vehicles.
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