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PDFWAC 468-305-210

What is required for a qualified vehicle to claim an exemption?

(1) In order to establish a vehicle's exemption approved by the commission, you may be required to meet the following procedures:
(a) Establish that the vehicle(s) is eligible for exemption by submitting a toll exemption application with related documentation as specified on the application; and
(b) Establish and maintain a Good To Go!™ nonrevenue account in good standing and equip the qualified vehicle with a pass.
(2) In rare cases specific exempt toll transactions may have charges reversed. To claim exemptions for specific exempt toll transactions debited from a toll account, the registered owner or its authorized representative must submit a written request which:
(a) Includes the Good To Go!™ toll account number or the toll bill number;
(b) Identifies the date and time of the transaction(s) for which a credit is being sought;
(c) Includes a signed statement that the qualified vehicle's use of the road met the exemption requirements; and
(d) Submit the written request within eighty days of the toll transaction date. The department may then issue a credit to the toll account.
(3) Failure to submit a certification of vehicle(s) exemption eligibility or timely submit a written request for toll transaction credit will result in a waiver of the ability to claim a toll exemption.
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