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PDFWAC 82-04-010

Appellant notice to request adjudicative hearing.

(1) Once the appellant has notified the agency that he or she wishes to appeal the agency's review decision, the agency shall transmit the appellant's application for an adjudicative proceeding (request for hearing) to the office of administrative hearings (OAH) within ten business days after receiving it from the appellant.
(2) In any wage overpayment matter that is appealed, the agency shall provide OAH with the following information:
(a) The name of the agency contact in the matter and any contact information;
(b) The name of the appellant and any contact information, including address and telephone number;
(c) The name and address of the agency contact for billing purposes; and
(d) The name and address of the agency contact where the file should be sent after OAH closes the adjudicative proceeding.
(3) The agency shall transmit all requests for hearing to the following address: Office of Administrative Hearings, 919 Lakeridge Way SW, P.O. Box 42488, Olympia, WA 98504-2488; (360) 664-8717; fax (360) 664-8721.
[Statutory Authority: 2003 c 77. WSR 03-21-024, ยง 82-04-010, filed 10/7/03, effective 11/7/03.]
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