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PDFWAC 67-35-140

Vending machine income disbursed by department.

Vending machine income from vending machines on federal property which has been received by the department pursuant to 34 C.F.R., section 395.32 (b), (c) and (d) shall be paid to each blind vendor (if any) operating a vending facility on such federal property in an amount not to exceed the average income of all blind vendors in the state of Washington as determined each fiscal year on the basis of each prior year's operation, or the average net income of all blind vendors in the United States, whichever is less.
(1) No vendor shall receive less vending machine income than he/she was receiving during the calendar year 1973 as a direct result of any limitation imposed on such income by this section.
(2) No limitation shall be imposed on income from vending machines combined to create a vending facility, when such facility is maintained, serviced or operated by a blind vendor.
(3) The department shall disburse vending machine income to vendors on at least a quarterly basis.
(4) Vending machine income from vending machines on federal property received by the department and not eligible for distribution to blind vendors under the provisions of this section shall be retained by the department.
(5) Vending machine income which is retained under subsection (4) of this section shall be used by the department for the establishment and maintenance of retirement or pension funds, for health insurance contributions, and for the provision of paid sick leave and vacation time, for vendors, if it is so determined by a majority vote of all vendors after the department has provided to each vendor information on all matters relevant to such purposes. Any vending machine income not necessary for such purposes shall be used by the department for the maintenance and replacement of equipment, the purchase of new equipment, management services, and assuring a fair minimum return to vendors.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.18 RCW. WSR 85-18-048 (Order 85-12), § 67-35-140, filed 8/30/85. Statutory Authority: 1983 c 194 § 18. WSR 84-01-043 (Order 83-09), § 67-35-140, filed 12/15/83. Formerly WAC 67-32-140.]
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