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PDFWAC 516-35-030

Use of university propertyExceptions, limitations, and termination of use.

(1) The president, or the president's designee, may apply time, place, and manner exceptions to limit, relocate, reschedule, terminate, cancel, or prohibit the use of university property for freedom of expression activities to protect persons or property from harm and/or to prevent the disruption of university operations including, but not limited to, violations of WAC 516-24-130, 516-52-020, or other laws or university policies.
(2) The use of university property for freedom of expression and assembly must comply with all requirements and limitations set forth in WAC 516-24-001 and 516-36-030.
(3) Any activity that involves the placement of furniture, hardware, prop, vehicle, display, sound amplification device, audio-visual device, or other free-standing object on university property for freedom of expression and assembly requires notice pursuant to WAC 516-35-010.
(a) Placed or free-standing objects that are not generally moveable or are of a size or nature that they may pose a personal safety risk, a risk to property, or block egress and traffic flow must have prior approval through a space reservation. To reserve university property, refer to chapter 516-36 WAC.
(b) Objects that are small, moveable by a single person, not permanent or do not need to be secured, and are lightweight; for example, small displays less than four feet in any dimension, folding tables, easels, or other similar object do not require a reservation to place on university property for a limited time and may be subject to other university imposed time, place, or manner restrictions.
(c) At least one person must be present at all times to attend to any placed object for the duration of use until completion of activity pursuant to subsection (6) of this section.
(4) In order to allow for the expression of a wide range of viewpoints and to allow the utilization of university property for a wide range of purposes, the use of university property for freedom of expression and assembly may be limited in duration to the following:
(a) Activities may not continue for longer than five calendar days from start to finish; and
(b) Activities are limited to 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on any day due to the residential nature of campus.
(5) University employees, student groups, and university-affiliated groups may reserve outdoor space on campus for university-sponsored activities pursuant to chapter 516-36 WAC. If space is reserved for a university-sponsored activity, other persons and groups may be prohibited from engaging in freedom of expression and assembly in the reserved space. In such cases, a university representative may suggest another area on campus for freedom of expression and assembly.
(6) The group or individual utilizing university property for freedom of expression and assembly must return the university property to its original condition after the use and is responsible for the costs of cleanup and the costs to repair damages to the limited public forum area and other university property that arises from such use.
(7) The university will not provide utility connections or hookups.
(8) Nonuniversity groups and individuals may not use the interior of any facility for freedom of expression and assembly.
(9) Freedom of expression and assembly must otherwise be conducted in compliance with any other applicable university policies and rules, local ordinances, and state or federal law.
(10) Exception - Open public meetings. Nothing in these rules is intended to interfere with public participation in meetings of the university's governing board or associated student body that are required to be open to the public under the Open Public Meetings Act, chapter 42.30 RCW.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). WSR 22-13-123, § 516-35-030, filed 6/17/22, effective 7/18/22; WSR 18-13-073, § 516-35-030, filed 6/15/18, effective 7/16/18.]
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