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PDFWAC 51-50-30050

Section 3005Machine rooms.

3005.2 Temperature control. Elevator machine rooms, machinery spaces that contain the driving machine, and control rooms or spaces that contain the operation or motion controller for elevator operation shall be provided with an independent dedicated ventilation or air-conditioning system to control the space temperature to protect against the overheating of the electrical equipment. Ventilation systems shall use outdoor make up air pathway that does not rely on transfer air from other building systems. The system shall service the equipment space only, and shall be capable of maintaining the temperature and humidity within the range established by the manufacturer's specifications. Where no manufacturer specifications are available, the equipment space temperature shall be maintained at no less than fifty-five degrees Fahrenheit and no more than ninety degrees Fahrenheit.
The cooling load for the equipment shall include the BTU output of the elevator operation equipment as specified by the manufacturer based on one hour of continuous operation. The outdoor design temperature for ventilation shall be from the 0.5% column for summer from the Puget Sound Chapter of ASHRAE publication "Recommended Outdoor Design Temperatures, Washington State." The following formula shall be used to calculate flow rate for ventilation:
CFM = BTU output of elevator machine room equipment/[1.08 x (acceptable machine room temp - make up air temp)]
The ventilation or air-conditioning system will be provided with the same source of power (normal, optional standby, legally required standby, or emergency) as the elevator equipment so that the temperature control is available at all times that the elevators have power.
For buildings four stories or less, natural or mechanical means may be used in lieu of an independent ventilation or air-conditioning system to keep the equipment space ambient air temperature and humidity in the range specified by the elevator equipment manufacturer.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.27.031 and 19.27.074. WSR 20-21-021, § 51-50-30050, filed 10/9/20, effective 11/9/20; WSR 20-01-090, § 51-50-30050, filed 12/12/19, effective 7/1/20; WSR 16-03-064, § 51-50-30050, filed 1/19/16, effective 7/1/16.]
Reviser's note: The brackets and enclosed material in the text of the above section occurred in the copy filed by the agency.
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