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PDFWAC 51-50-1204

Section 1204Temperature control.

1204.1 Equipment and systems. Interior spaces intended for human occupancy shall be provided with active or passive space-heating systems capable of maintaining an indoor temperature of not less than 68°F (20°C) at a point 3 feet (914 mm) above the floor on the design heating day.
1. Interior spaces where the primary purpose of the space is not associated with human comfort.
2. Group F, H, S, or U occupancies.
3. Group R-1 Occupancies not more than 500 square feet.
1204.2.1Definitions. For the purposes of this section only, the following definitions apply.
DESIGNATED AREAS are those areas designated by a county to be an urban growth area in chapter 36.70A RCW and those areas designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as being in nonattainment for particulate matter.
SUBSTANTIALLY REMODELED means any alteration or restoration of a building exceeding 60 percent of the appraised value of such building within a 12-month period. For the purpose of this section, the appraised value is the estimated cost to replace the building and structure in-kind, based on current replacement costs.
1204.2.2 Primary heating source. Primary heating sources in all new and substantially remodeled buildings in designated areas shall not be dependent upon wood stoves.
1204.2.3 Solid fuel burning devices. No new or used solid fuel burning device shall be installed in new or existing buildings unless such device is United States Environmental Protection Agency certified or exempt from certification by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and conforms with RCW 70.94.011, 70.94.450, 70.94.453 and 70.94.457.
1. Wood cook stoves.
2. Antique wood heaters manufactured prior to 1940.
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