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PDFWAC 51-50-0110

Section inspections.

110.3.5 Type IV-A, IV-B, and IV-C connection protection inspection. In buildings of Type IV-A, IV-B, and IV-C construction, where connection fire-resistance ratings are provided by wood cover calculated to meet the requirements of Section 2304.10.1, inspection of the wood cover shall be made after the cover is installed, but before any other coverings or finishes are installed.
110.3.6 Lath, gypsum board and gypsum panel product inspection. Lath, gypsum board and gypsum panel product inspections shall be made after lathing, gypsum board and gypsum panel products, interior and exterior, are in place, but before any plastering is applied or gypsum board and gypsum panel product joints and fasteners are taped and finished.
Gypsum board and gypsum panel products that are not part of a fire-resistance-rated assembly or a shear assembly.
110.3.7 Weather-exposed balcony and walking surface waterproofing. Where balconies or other elevated walking surfaces are exposed to water from direct or blowing rain, snow or irrigation, and the structural framing is protected by an impervious moisture barrier, all elements of the impervious moisture barrier system shall not be concealed until inspected and approved.
Where special inspections are provided in accordance with Section 1705.1.1, Item 3.
110.3.8 Fire- and smoke-resistant penetrations. Protection of joints and penetrations in fire-resistance-rated assemblies, smoke barriers and smoke partitions shall not be concealed from view until inspected and approved.
110.3.9 Energy efficiency inspections. Inspections shall be made to determine compliance with Chapter 13 and shall include, but not be limited to, inspections for: Envelope insulation R- and U-values, fenestration U-value, duct system R-value, and HVAC and water-heating equipment efficiency.
110.3.10 Other inspections. In addition to the inspections specified in Sections 110.3.1 through 110.3.8, the building official is authorized to make or require other inspections of any construction work to ascertain compliance with the provisions of this code and other laws that are enforced by the department of building safety.
110.3.11 Special inspections. For special inspections, see Chapter 17.
110.3.12 Final inspection. The final inspection shall be made after all work required by the building permit is completed. Flood hazard documentation. If located in a flood hazard area, documentation of the elevation of the lowest floor as required in Section 1612.4 shall be submitted to the building official prior to the final inspection.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.27.031 and 19.27.074. WSR 20-21-021, ยง 51-50-0110, filed 10/9/20, effective 11/9/20.]
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