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PDFWAC 51-11R-40340

Section R403.5Service hot water systems.

R403.5 Service hot water systems. Energy conservation measures for service hot water systems shall be in accordance with Sections R403.5.1 through R403.5.5. Service water-heating equipment shall meet the requirements of DOE 10 C.F.R. Part 430 Uniform Energy Factor or the equipment shall meet the requirements of Section C404.2.
R403.5.1 Heated water circulation and temperature maintenance system. Heated water circulation systems shall be in accordance with Section R403.5.1.1. Heat trace temperature maintenance systems shall be in accordance with Section R403.5.1.2. Automatic controls, temperature sensors and pumps shall be accessible. Manual controls shall be readily accessible.
R403.5.1.1 Circulation systems. Heated water circulation systems shall be provided with a circulation pump. The system return pipe shall be a dedicated return pipe or a cold water supply pipe. Gravity and thermo-syphon circulation systems shall be prohibited. Controls for circulating hot water system pumps shall start the pump based on the identification of a demand for hot water within the occupancy. The controls shall automatically turn off the pump when the water in the circulation loop is at the desired temperature and when there is no demand for hot water.
R403.5.1.2 Heat trace systems. Electric heat trace systems shall comply with IEEE 515.1 or UL 515. Controls for such systems shall automatically adjust the energy input to the heat tracing to maintain the desired water temperature in the piping in accordance with the times when heated water is used in the occupancy.
R403.5.2 Demand recirculation water systems.Demand recirculation water systems shall have controls that comply with both of the following:
1. The controls shall start the pump upon receiving a signal from the action of a user of a fixture or appliance, sensing the presence of a user of a fixture or sensing the flow of hot or tempered water to a fixture fitting or appliance.
2. The controls shall limit the temperature of the water entering the cold water piping to not greater than 104ºF (40ºC).
R403.5.3 Hot water pipe insulation. Insulation for hot water pipe, both within and outside the conditioned space, shall have a minimum thermal resistance (R-value) of R-3.
Pipe insulation is permitted to be discontinuous where it passes through studs, joists or other structural members and where the insulated pipes pass other piping, conduit or vents, provided the insulation is installed tight to each obstruction.
R403.5.4 Drain water heat recovery units. Drain water heat recovery units shall comply with CSA 55.2 or IAPMO PS 92. Drain water heat recovery units shall be in accordance with CSA 55.1 or IAPMO IGC 346-2017.
R403.5.5 Electric water heater insulation. All electric water heaters in unconditioned spaces, or on concrete floors in conditioned spaces, shall be placed on an insulated surface with a minimum thermal resistance of R-10, and a minimum compressive strength of 40 psi or engineered to support the appliance.
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