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PDFWAC 508-12-080

Determination of existing rights to the use of water.

Upon the filing of a petition by one or more persons requesting the rights to the use of the waters of a stream or other source of water, the department of ecology shall conduct a reconnaissance survey for the purpose of determining whether or not the interests of the public can best be served by the adjudication of the individual rights thus involved. If an adjudication proceeding is instigated, the department of ecology shall determine the description of lands to be included as well as the record ownerships. Each owner and interested party will be made a party to the proceedings and a lis pendens will be filed with the county auditor. (RCW 90.03.110 and 90.03.120.)
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.27A RCW. WSR 88-13-037 (Order 88-11), ยง 508-12-080, filed 6/9/88; Rule 8, filed 3/23/60. Formerly WAC 134-12-080.]
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