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PDFWAC 504-26-227

Sexual harassment.

Unwelcome, intentional conduct, on the basis of sex and/or gender, which is so severe or pervasive, and objectively offensive, that it substantially and unreasonably:
(1) Interferes with, or has the potential to interfere with, an individual's ability to participate in university employment, education, programs, or activities;
(2) Adversely alters the condition of an individual's university employment, education, or participation status;
(3) Creates an objectively abusive employment, program, or educational environment; or
(4) Results in a material or substantial disruption of the university's operations or the rights of students, staff, faculty, visitors, or program participants.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.30.150. WSR 22-23-142, § 504-26-227, filed 11/21/22, effective 1/1/23; WSR 21-07-057, § 504-26-227, filed 3/15/21, effective 4/15/21; WSR 18-23-083, § 504-26-227, filed 11/19/18, effective 12/20/18; WSR 14-11-025, § 504-26-227, filed 5/12/14, effective 6/12/14.]
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