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WAC 495A-121-062

Summary suspension procedures.

(1) If the vice president for student services deems summary suspension appropriate, he/she shall give the student oral or written notice of the reasons for the summary suspension, duration of the summary suspension, and of any possible additional disciplinary or corrective action that may be taken. If oral notice is given, written notice shall follow within two working days. In addition, the vice president for student services shall set a date for informal hearing of the summary suspension as soon as practicable.
(2) The presiding officer for the informal hearing shall be an administrator designated by the president other than the administrator who initially imposed the summary suspension (normally, the vice president for student services) and will be accompanied by the president of the associated student government of Bates Technical College or designee. The student shall be given the opportunity to present written and/or oral evidence. The issue before the presiding officer shall be whether reasonable cause exists to support and to continue the summary suspension.
(3) The presiding officer shall issue a written decision within two days of the informal hearing.
(4) The student may request a de novo review of the informal hearing decision before the student/faculty disciplinary committee. Either party may request the review to be consolidated with any other disciplinary proceeding arising from the same matter.
(5) Nothing herein shall prevent faculty members from taking summary action as may be reasonably necessary to maintain order in the classroom and/or prevent substantial disruption to the educational process. Such summary action in the form of removal from the classroom may not exceed three working days per episode. Any such summary action may be appealed to the vice president for student services for an informal hearing.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(10). WSR 00-11-147, ยง 495A-121-062, filed 5/24/00, effective 6/24/00.]
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