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PDFWAC 480-80-143

Special contracts for gas, electric, and water companies.

(1) Contracts to be filed. Gas, electric, and water companies must file with the commission all contracts for the retail sale of regulated utility services to end-use customers that:
(a) State charges or conditions that do not conform to the company's existing tariff; or
(b) Provide for utility services not specifically addressed in the gas, electric, or water company's existing tariffs.
(2) Any significant modification of a previously executed contract will be treated as a new contract for purposes of this section.
(3) Essential terms and conditions of all contracts filed pursuant to this section are considered a part of the gas, electric, or water company's filed tariffs and are subject to enforcement, supervision, regulation, control, and public inspection as such.
(4) Filing and effective dates. The contract will become effective on the effective date stated in the contract or thirty days after the filing date, whichever occurs later, unless suspended or rejected by the commission. The commission may approve an earlier effective date if requested by the company, in which event the contract shall not become effective on a date that precedes commission approval. A request for an earlier effective date must include a complete explanation of why an earlier effective date is appropriate.
(5) Each application filed for commission approval of a contract must:
(a) Include a complete copy of the proposed contract;
(b) Show that the contract meets the requirements of RCW 80.28.090 (Prohibiting unreasonable preference) and RCW 80.28.100 (Prohibiting rate discrimination);
(c) Demonstrate, at a minimum, that the contract charges recover all costs resulting from providing the service during its term, and, in addition, provide a contribution to the gas, electric, or water company's fixed costs;
(d) Summarize the basis of the charge(s) proposed in the contract and explain the derivation of the proposed charge(s) including all cost computations involved; and
(e) Indicate the basis for using a contract rather than a filed tariff for the specific service involved. If the basis for using a contract is the availability of an alternative service provider, identify that provider.
(6) All contracts must be for a stated time period, except for contracts for water line extensions. The commission may approve terms and conditions that prescribe the charge(s) to be applied during the time period, if such charge(s) are found to be appropriate. Unless otherwise provided by the commission, such approval will not be determinative with respect to the expenses and revenues of the utility for subsequent ratemaking considerations.
(7) Filings under this section may be submitted with portions designated "confidential" pursuant to WAC 480-07-160. However, any filing that designates the essential terms and conditions of the contract as "confidential" shall be rejected by the commission as not in compliance with the public inspection requirement of RCW 80.28.050. Essential terms and conditions are:
(a) Identity of the customer;
(b) Nature and characteristics of the service provided, including interruptible, firm, or peak delivery;
(c) Duration of the contract, including any options to renew;
(d) Charge(s) for service, including minimum charge provisions;
(e) Geographic location where service will be provided; and
(f) Additional obligations specified in the contract, if any.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040 and 80.04.160. WSR 03-24-028 (General Order R-510, Docket No. A-010648), § 480-80-143, filed 11/24/03, effective 1/1/04. Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040 and 80.04.180. WSR 02-11-081 (Docket No. U-991301, General Order No. R-498), § 480-80-143, filed 5/14/02, effective 6/17/02.]
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