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PDFWAC 480-80-030


The definitions in this section apply throughout the chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise:
"Advice number" means a number assigned by the applicant to a tariff filing or contract filing for internal tracking purposes.
"Banded rate" means a rate that has a minimum and maximum rate.
"Commission" means the Washington utilities and transportation commission.
"Competitive telecommunications company" means a telecommunications company that has been classified as competitive by the commission pursuant to RCW 80.36.310.
"Fax" means the transmittal of electronic signals over telephone lines for conversion into written text.
"Public service company" means every gas company, electric company, telecommunications company, water company, or irrigation plant that is subject to the jurisdiction of the commission as to rates and service.
"RCW" means the Revised Code of Washington.
"Tariff" is a document that sets forth terms and conditions of regulated service, including rates, charges, tolls, rentals, rules, and equipment and facilities, and the manner in which rates and charges are assessed for regulated services provided to customers, and rules and conditions associated with offering service.
"Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number" means the standard nine-digit sequential number issued by Washington state and used by all state agencies to uniquely identify a business entity. The department of licensing, department of revenue, and secretary of state's office are authorized to issue UBI numbers.
"Utility" means every public service company that has not been classified as competitive by the commission.
"WAC" means the Washington Administrative Code.
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