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PDFWAC 480-73-160

Annual reports.

(1) Each pipeline company must use the commission's annual report form and attach FERC Form No. 6 promulgated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in 18 C.F.R., Part 357 (Annual, Special or Periodic Reports), for purposes of annual reporting to this commission. Information about the FERC Form No. 6 regarding the version adopted and where to obtain it is set out in WAC 480-73-999 (Adoption by reference).
(2) Each pipeline company must also submit to the commission, in essentially the same format and content as the FERC Form No. 6, a report that documents the costs incurred and the property necessary to provide service to its customers and the revenues obtained in the state of Washington.
(3) Combination and multistate pipeline companies must submit with the annual report their cost allocation methods necessary to develop results of operations in the state of Washington. Approval of cost allocation methods for ratemaking purposes is accomplished only by commission order.
(4) The pipeline company must submit the annual report for the preceding calendar year by May 1 of each year.
(5) Economic regulatory fees. An economic regulatory fee is an annual assessment paid by each company to cover the costs of economic regulation of the industry. The economic regulatory fee is separate from the pipeline safety fee identified in WAC 480-75-240 (Annual pipeline safety fee methodology). The maximum economic regulatory fee is set by statute at one-tenth of one percent of the first fifty thousand dollars of gross intrastate operating revenue plus two-tenths of one percent of any gross intrastate operating revenue in excess of fifty thousand dollars.
(a) The maximum economic regulatory fee is assessed each year, unless the commission issues an order establishing the economic regulatory fee at an amount less than the statutory maximum.
(b) The minimum economic regulatory fee that a pipeline company must pay is twenty dollars.
(c) The twenty-dollar minimum economic regulatory fee is waived for any pipeline company that reports less than twenty thousand dollars in gross operating revenue.
(d) A pipeline company must pay its economic regulatory fee by May 1 each year.
(e) The commission does not grant extensions for payment of regulatory fees.
(f) If a company does not pay its economic regulatory fee by May 1, the commission will assess an automatic late fee of two percent of the amount due, plus one percent interest for each month the fee remains unpaid.
(g) The commission may issue penalty assessments or take other administrative action if a company fails to pay its regulatory fee.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040, 80.04.160, 81.04.160 and 34.05.353. WSR 05-06-051 (Docket No. A-021178 and TO-030288, General Order No. R-518), ยง 480-73-160, filed 2/28/05, effective 3/31/05.]
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