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PDFWAC 480-60-050

Side clearances.

(1) General rule. Side clearances must be at least 8 feet 6 inches unless one of the provisions below applies. If exceptions in subsections (2) through (5) or (7) of this section apply, full side clearance of 8 feet 6 inches shall be provided on the opposite side of the track from the platform.
(2) Platforms - 8" or less above top of rail . . . .4'8"
(3) Platforms - 4'0" or less above top of rail . . . .7'3"
(4) Platforms - 4'6" or less above top of rail - When used principally for loading or unloading refrigerator cars . . . .8'0"
(5) Icing platforms and supports . . . .7'3"
(6) A retractable platform which is attached to a permanent structure must be designed so that when it is not in use no part of it shall fall within the clearance limits herein prescribed for a platform of that height above the top of the rail.
(7) Platforms - Combinations of any above.
Platforms defined under (2) above may be combined with either (4) or (3) if the lower platform has a level surface from a point not more than four feet eight inches from centerline of track to the face of the wall of the platform with which it is combined. No other combinations will be permitted.
(8) Bridges and tunnels . . . .8'0"
(9) Bridges and tunnels - Upper section (see WAC 480-60-040(3)).
Side clearance on bridges and in tunnels may be decreased to the extent defined by the half circumference of a circle having a radius of eight feet and tangent to a horizontal line twenty-two feet six inches above top of rail directly above centerline of track.
(10) Bridges - Lower section and structures 4' high or less. Bridges, hand rails, water barrels and refuge platforms on bridges and trestles, water columns, oil columns, block signals, cattle guards and cattle chutes, or portions of those items, four feet or less above top of rail may have clearances decreased to the extent defined by a line extending diagonally upward from a point level with the top of rail and five feet distant laterally from centerline of track to a point four feet above top of rail and eight feet distant laterally from centerline of track: Provided, That the minimum clearance for hand rails and water barrels must be seven feet six inches and the minimum clearance for fences of cattle guards must be six feet nine inches.
Unless previously approved, the clearances authorized in this subsection, except as provided for hand rails and water barrels, are not permitted on bridges where the work of trainmen or yardmen requires them to be upon the decks of such bridges for the purpose of coupling or uncoupling cars in the performance of switching service on a switching lead.
(11) Side clearance - Engine house and car repair shop
doors . . . .7'6"
(12) Side clearance - Interlocking mechanism, switch boxes, and other similar devices projecting 4" or less above the top of the rail . . . .3'0"
(13) Side clearance - Poles supporting trolley
contact . . . .8'3"
(14) Side clearance - Signals and switch stands 3' high or less when located between tracks where not reasonably possible to provide clearances otherwise prescribed in these rules . . . .6'0"
(15) Side clearance - Signals and switch stands other than above . . . .8'0"
(16) Side clearances on curved track. Side clearances adjacent to curved track shall be increased as necessary to give the equivalent of tangent track clearances. As a general rule, the side clearance on curved track should be increased 1-1/2" for each degree of curvature.
(17) Side clearances - Material or merchandise adjacent to tracks.
No merchandise, material or other articles shall be placed or stored on ground or platforms adjacent to any track at a distance less than eight feet six inches from the centerline of track, except in cases of maintenance or emergency when such material is to be used within a reasonable period of time or where local conditions make compliance with this rule impossible.
(18) Clearances - Car puller units and appurtenances.
Clearances for car puller units and appurtenances must be approved by the commission through the process set forth in WAC 480-62-020.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 81.04.160 and 80.01.040. WSR 00-04-011 (Order No. R-469, Docket No. TR-981101), § 480-60-050, filed 1/21/00, effective 2/21/00; Order R-5, § 480-60-050, filed 6/6/69, effective 10/9/69.]
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