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PDFWAC 480-15-490

Tariff and rates, general.

(1) A tariff is a publication containing the rates and charges that household goods carriers must assess on shipments of household goods, including rules that govern how rates and charges are assessed.
(2) The commission publishes tariffs that all household goods carriers must use and allows household goods carriers to file individual tariffs if the commission finds it is impractical to include certain commodities or services in its tariff.
(3) All household goods carriers are required to follow the terms, conditions, rates and all other requirements imposed by the commission-published tariff.
(4) The commission will set minimum and maximum rates carriers may charge within the tariff.
(5) Every household goods permit holder must obtain at least one copy of the current tariff, and may pay applicable tariff maintenance fees. Any interested person may purchase a copy by paying the applicable fees in advance.
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