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PDFWAC 480-149-140

Rates prescribed by the commission.

(1) Rates, fares, rules or regulations prescribed by the commission in its decisions and orders in formal cases shall be promulgated by the companies against which such orders are entered, in duly published, filed and posted tariffs, supplements or revised pages which shall show notation to that effect. Only the rates or fares so prescribed will carry such notations. Notice shall be sent the commission that its decision or order in Cause No. . . . . . . , has been complied with in item . . . . . . , page . . . . . . of    Tariff No.    or supplement or revised page No. . . . . to . . . . Tariff No. . . . . . . . .
(2) Unless otherwise specified in the decision or order in the case, such tariff, supplement or revised page must be made effective upon statutory notice to the commission and the public. Whether made effective on less than statutory notice, or upon statutory notice, when an entire tariff, supplement or revised page is issued in compliance with a decision or order, such tariff, supplement or revised page shall bear on its title page the notation "Issued in compliance with decision (or order) of the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission in Cause No. . . . . . . . . "
If the decision or order of the commission affects only portions of the tariff, supplement or revised page, the above notice shall be shown in connection with each portion so affected.
[Order R-16, § 480-149-140, filed 2/3/70; Public Service Commission Cause No. T-9494, filed 4/5/61.]
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