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PDFWAC 480-149-060

Passenger tariffs.

Passenger tariffs shall contain:
(1) Rules and regulations which govern the tariff, in clear and explicit terms, setting forth all privileges, stopovers, extension of time limit, restrictions outlines in certificate, children's fares, baggage rules, excess baggage rates, etc., and the following provision with regard to the refund for unused and partly used tickets:
(a) "Unused tickets will be redeemed at the purchase price. Unused portions of round trip or commutation tickets will be redeemed by charging the regular fare or fares for the portion or portions used and refunding the balance of the purchase price."
(2) Tariffs, except those of water transportation companies must contain a rule with reference to fares applicable to intermediate points not specifically named in such tariff. This rule shall read substantially as follows: "Fares from or to intermediate points not named herein will be the same as the fares from or to the next more distant point named."
(3) Adult fares, definitely and specifically stated, in cents, or in dollars and cents, per passenger, together with the names of the stations or stopping places from and to which they apply, arranged in a simple and systematic manner. The tariff shall clearly indicate whether fares apply "one way" or "round trip."
(4) Where fares to or from a named point include stops beyond the regular terminal, or where no regular terminal is maintained, the tariff shall define the zone within which fares to or from such named point apply.
(5) Commutation fares, if any.
(6) The different routes via which fares apply. When a tariff specifies routing, the fares may not be applied via a route not specified.
(7) Full explanation of reference marks and technical abbreviations used in the tariff.
(8) The above rules are in addition to the general rules of this circular insofar as they apply to passenger operations.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040. WSR 90-22-031 (Order R-329, Docket No. T-900076), § 480-149-060, filed 10/31/90, effective 12/1/90; WSR 84-15-023 (Order R-215, Cause No. TC-1786), § 480-149-060, filed 7/11/84; Order R-16, § 480-149-060, filed 2/3/70; Public Service Commission Cause No. T-9494, filed 4/5/61.]
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