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PDFWAC 480-149-040

General rules.

(1) When a tariff or item in a tariff gives reference to another tariff, full number reference to such tariff must be given unless otherwise specifically authorized by the commission.
(2) If a tariff carries joint rates or rates applying over more than one road, local routing and junctions must be given.
(3) All basing or proportional rates must clearly specify the extent and manner of their use.
(4)(a) All tariffs of transportation companies, except water transportation companies, must carry a rule providing for intermediate application which must apply except where a waiver of the long and short haul statute (RCW 81.28.200) is specifically authorized by the commission.
(b) When the commission has issued an order granting to a carrier authority to depart from the provisions of the "long and short haul statute," each tariff or supplement issued and filed under such authority must bear a notation to the following effect:
(i) "This tariff (or supplement) contains rates that are higher for shorter than longer distances over the same route. Such departure from the terms of RCW 81.28.200, is permitted by authority of W.U.T.C. order (or orders), as indicated in individual items of this tariff (or supplement)."
(5) All tariffs of transportation companies shall contain a clause protecting the combination of local rates where such combinations are lower than the through tariff rates, and shall authorize the application of such lower rates.
[Order R-16, ยง 480-149-040, filed 2/3/70; Public Service Commission Cause No. T-9494, filed 4/5/61.]
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