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PDFWAC 480-121-063

Regulatory requirements that may be waived for competitively classified telecommunications companies.

(1) The following regulatory requirements are waived for competitively classified companies:
(a) RCW 80.04.300 (Budgets to be filed by companies—Supplementary budgets);
(b) RCW 80.04.310 (Commission's control over expenditures);
(c) RCW 80.04.320 (Budget rules);
(d) RCW 80.04.330 (Effect of unauthorized expenditure—Emergencies);
(e) RCW 80.04.360 (Earnings in excess of reasonable rate—Consideration in fixing rates);
(f) RCW 80.04.460 (Investigation of accidents);
(g) RCW 80.04.520 (Approval of lease of utility facilities);
(h) RCW 80.36.100 (Tariff schedules to be filed and open to public);
(i) RCW 80.36.110 (Tariff changes—Statutory notice—Exception);
(j) Chapter 80.08 RCW (Securities) (except RCW 80.08.140, State not obligated);
(k) Chapter 80.12 RCW (Transfers of property);
(l) Chapter 80.16 RCW (Affiliated interests);
(m) WAC 480-80-101 Tariff requirements through WAC 480-80-143 Special contracts for gas, electric, and water companies;
(n) Chapter 480-140 WAC (Commission general—Budgets);
(o) Chapter 480-143 WAC (Commission general—Transfers of property);
(p) WAC 480-120-102 (Service offered);
(q) WAC 480-120-339 (Streamlined filing requirements for Class B telecommunications company rate increases);
(r) WAC 480-120-399 (Access charge and universal service reporting);
(s) WAC 480-120-344 (Expenditures for political or legislative activities);
(t) WAC 480-120-352 (Washington Exchange Carrier Association (WECA));
(u) WAC 480-120-369 (Transferring cash or assuming obligation);
(v) WAC 480-120-375 (Affiliated interests—Contracts or arrangements);
(w) WAC 480-120-389 (Securities report); and
(x) WAC 480-120-395 (Affiliated interest and subsidiary transactions report).
This rule supersedes all waivers of regulatory requirements for competitively classified companies granted by the commission at the time of a company's competitive classification. However, subsequent to the adoption of this rule, the commission may revoke the waiver of any regulatory requirement set forth in (a) through (x) of this subsection or may waive any regulatory requirement not included in (a) through (x) of this subsection.
(2) The commission may by order revoke waivers of regulatory requirements if it determines that revocation is necessary to protect the public interest.
(3) In addition, the commission may waive regulatory requirements for telecommunications companies that it has classified as competitive if it determines that competition with the regulatory waiver will serve the same purposes as public interest regulation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040, 80.04.160, 81.04.160, and 34.05.353. WSR 06-17-087 (Docket A-060475, General Order No. R-537), § 480-121-063, filed 8/14/06, effective 9/14/06. RCW 80.01.040, 80.04.160 and 81.04.160. WSR 05-17-026 (Docket No. A-021178 and TO-030288, General Order No. R-522), § 480-121-063, filed 8/5/05, effective 9/5/05. Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040, 80.04.160, 81.04.160 and 34.05.353. WSR 05-06-051 (Docket No. A-021178 and TO-030288, General Order No. R-518), § 480-121-063, filed 2/28/05, effective 3/31/05; WSR 03-22-046 (Docket No. A-030832, General Order No. R-509), § 480-121-063, filed 10/29/03, effective 11/29/03. Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040 and 80.04.160. WSR 02-11-080 (General Order No. R-499, Docket No. UT-991922), § 480-121-063, filed 5/14/02, effective 6/17/02; WSR 01-09-002 (Docket No. U-991301, General Order No. R-481), § 480-121-063, filed 4/4/01, effective 5/5/01.]
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