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PDFWAC 480-121-020

Requirements for applications for registration and petitions for competitive classification.

(1) Applications for registration and petitions for competitive classification must be in the form prescribed by the commission.
(2) Applications for registration:
(a) Must be filed with a petition for competitive classification unless applicant will not be subject to effective competition;
(b) Must comply with the rules set forth in chapters 480-80 and 480-120 WAC;
(c) Must be filed at the office of the commission in Olympia, Washington; and
(d) Will be assigned a docket number. All documents subsequently filed in the matter must bear that docket number.
(3) The commission may require, with or without hearing, that an applicant for registration clearly show:
(a) Adequate financial resources to provide the proposed service;
(b) Adequate technical competence to provide the proposed service; and
(c) Compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local telecommunications technical and business regulations.
(4) The commission may request that an applicant provide information regarding the applicant's regulatory performance in other states where it operates.
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