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WAC 480-11-020

Incorporation of chapter 197-11 WAC.

The commission adopts provisions of chapter 197-11 WAC (SEPA guidelines adopted by the department of ecology) to be applicable to the Washington utilities and transportation commission. A copy of the rules adopted by reference in this section is available for inspection at the Washington utilities and transportation commission branch of the Washington state library, at the commission's headquarters office in Olympia.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040, 80.04.160 and 81.04.160. WSR 98-02-011 (Order R-446, Docket No. A-970591), § 480-11-020, filed 12/29/97, effective 1/29/98. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.21C RCW. WSR 84-21-030 (Order R-222, Cause No. TE-1817), § 480-11-020, filed 10/10/84.]
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