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PDFWAC 480-100-625

Integrated resource plan development and timing.

(1) Timing. Unless otherwise ordered by the commission, each electric utility must file an integrated resource plan (IRP) with the commission by January 1, 2021, and every four years thereafter.
(2) IRP work plan. No later than 15 months prior to the due date of its IRP, the utility must file a work plan that includes advisory group input and outlines the content of the IRP and expectations for the subsequent two-year progress report. The utility must include the following in its work plan:
(a) The methods for assessing potential resources;
(b) A proposed schedule of meetings for the utility's resource planning advisory group and equity advisory group, as established in WAC 480-100-655 (1)(b), for the IRP;
(c) A list of significant topics, consistent with WAC 480-100-620, that will be discussed at each advisory group meeting for the IRP;
(d) The date the draft IRP will be filed with the commission;
(e) The date the final IRP will be filed;
(f) A link to the utility's website, updated in a timely manner, to which the utility posts and makes publicly available information related to the IRP, including information outlined in subsection (5) of this section;
(g) If the utility anticipates significant changes in the workplan, it must file an updated workplan.
(3) Draft IRP. No later than four months prior to the due date of the final IRP, the utility must file its draft IRP with the commission. At minimum, the draft IRP must include the preferred portfolio, CEAP, and supporting analysis, and to the extent practicable all scenarios, sensitivities, appendices, and attachments.
(a) The commission will hear public comment on the draft IRP at an open meeting scheduled after the utility files its draft IRP. The commission will accept public comments electronically and in any other available formats, as outlined in the commission's notice for the open public meeting and opportunity to comment.
(b) The utility must file with the commission completed presentation materials concerning the draft IRP at least five business days prior to the open meeting.
(4) Two-year progress report. At least every two years after the utility files its IRP, beginning January 1, 2023, the utility must file a two-year progress report.
(a) In this report, the utility must update its:
(i) Load forecast;
(ii) Demand-side resource assessment, including a new conservation potential assessment;
(iii) Resource costs; and
(iv) The portfolio analysis and preferred portfolio.
(b) The progress report must include other updates that are necessary due to changing state or federal requirements, or significant changes to economic or market forces.
(c) The progress report must also update for any elements found in the utility's current clean energy implementation plan, as described in WAC 480-100-640.
(5) Publicly available information. The utility must make the following information publicly available on its website:
(a) Meeting summaries and materials for advisory group meetings, including materials for future meetings;
(b) A current schedule of advisory group meetings and significant topics to be covered, actively updated by the company and changes highlighted;
(c) Information on how members of the public may participate in advisory group meetings; and
(d) Advisory group comments about the IRP and its development received to date, including responses communicating how the subject of the input was considered or used. Comments with similar content or input may be consolidated with a single utility response.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040, 80.04.160, 19.285.080, and 19.405.100. WSR 22-14-055 (Docket UE-210183, General Order R-604), § 480-100-625, filed 6/29/22, effective 7/1/22. Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040, 80.04.160, and chapters 80.28, 19.280, and 19.405 RCW. WSR 21-02-022 (Dockets UE-191023 and UE-190698, General Order 601), § 480-100-625, filed 12/28/20, effective 12/31/20.]
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