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PDFWAC 480-07-180

Incorporated and referenced materials in commission rules and orders.

Any document that is incorporated by reference in a commission rule or order is available for public inspection at the commission unless exempt from the public disclosure requirements in chapter 42.56 RCW, or under a protective order in an adjudicative proceeding. The commission's secretary or public records officer will provide a copy of a referenced document upon request, allowing reasonable time for any necessary copying, subject to any applicable charge, and subject to copyright restrictions or statutory exemptions from public disclosure. The commission incorporates or references the version of the incorporated or referenced material that is current on the day the commission adopts a rule, makes a ruling, or enters an order that makes the incorporation or reference, unless the commission specifies another version or unless another version is apparent from the reference. In most instances, such information is available to the public on the commission's website.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040 and 80.04.160. WSR 17-06-051 (General Order R-588), § 480-07-180, filed 2/28/17, effective 3/31/17; WSR 08-18-012 (Docket A-072162, General Order R-550), § 480-07-180, filed 8/22/08, effective 9/22/08; WSR 03-24-028 (General Order R-510, Docket No. A-010648), § 480-07-180, filed 11/24/03, effective 1/1/04.]
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