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PDFWAC 479-14-200

Sidewalk deviation authorities for the urban and small city arterial programs.

The board recognizes the need for pedestrian facilities on arterial roadways and has required that sidewalks be provided under the urban program. A sidewalk deviation may be requested by the lead agency and may be granted under the following authorities:
(1) The executive director has administrative authority to grant sidewalk deviations as follows:
(a) On both sides if the roadway is a ramp providing access to a limited access route;
(b) On both sides of a designated limited access facility if:
(i) Route is signed to prohibit pedestrians; or
(ii) Pedestrian facilities are provided on an adjacent parallel route;
(c) On one side if the roadway is a frontage road immediately adjacent to a limited access route; or
(d) On one side if the roadway is immediately adjacent to a railroad or other facility considered dangerous to pedestrians.
(2) All other sidewalk deviation requests require board action.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 47.26 RCW. WSR 15-22-052, § 479-14-200, filed 10/29/15, effective 11/29/15; WSR 12-08-060, § 479-14-200, filed 4/3/12, effective 5/4/12; WSR 07-18-050, § 479-14-200, filed 8/30/07, effective 9/30/07.]
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