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PDFWAC 468-85-240

Funding for annual operations element.

The comprehensive transit plan shall include, but need not be limited to, the following information:
(1) An estimate of the annual costs of operating the recommended public transit system during each of the first six years of operation; such estimate shall include costs for marketing, administration, maintenance and operations.
(2) Passenger fare levels, estimated ridership, and estimated fare box revenue;
(3) The amounts and sources of federal and state assistance separated by operations and capital purposes;
(4) The amount of long term debt for the purchase of facilities and equipment;
(5) Whether any of the following sources of local public transit subsidy are anticipated to assist in the funding of the proposed system:
(a) Household tax authorized by chapter 35.95 RCW;
(b) Business and occupation tax authorized by chapter 35.95 RCW; or
(c) The .1%, .2%, .3%, .4%, .5%, or .6% sales and use tax in lieu of the household tax and business and occupation tax referenced immediately above; together with the rate(s) for any levied tax identified above and the estimated revenues from any such sources anticipated to be collected; (Assumptions made in order to estimate such revenues should be identified.)
(6) The amount of any state matching funds assumed. (Such amount shall equal the sum of either one state dollar for each local dollar anticipated to be collected, as identified in WAC 468-85-230(5), or the amount of the motor vehicle excise tax mass transit levy authorized under RCW 35.58.272 through 35.58.279, whichever is less; minus the amount advanced by the department to a county transportation authority or public transportation benefit area for the development of a comprehensive transit plan pursuant to this chapter.)
[Statutory Authority: RCW 36.57A.150. WSR 98-11-046 (Order 176), § 468-85-240, filed 5/18/98, effective 6/18/98; WSR 80-01-029 (Order 42), § 468-85-240, filed 12/17/79.]
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