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PDFWAC 468-85-120

Department response to application.

The department shall respond to applications on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Therefore, upon receipt of an application for an advanced financial support payment, the department shall:
(1) Determination of completeness: Determine whether or not the application contains or includes all of the information or material required by WAC 468-85-110(2). In the event an application is incomplete, the department shall notify the applicant within seven days of receipt of such application by the department, of the application's deficiencies and that further processing of the application is being suspended until the applicant corrects the deficiencies;
(2) Determination of population: Request the office of financial management to determine the population of the applicant. Where the sum of the populations of the incorporated areas within the applicant's jurisdiction exceeds fifty thousand people, or if the applicant’s jurisdiction is county-wide according to the most recently published estimate of the office of financial management, the department will not make such request; and
(3) Allocation of funds: Allocate for distribution to the applicant as an advanced financial support payment the product of one dollar times the applicant's population as determined by the office of financial management or the department. Under no circumstances will the amount allocated exceed the sum of fifty thousand dollars per applicant.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 36.57A.150. WSR 98-11-046 (Order 176), § 468-85-120, filed 5/18/98, effective 6/18/98; WSR 80-01-029 (Order 42), § 468-85-120, filed 12/17/79.]
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