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PDFWAC 468-70-020


When used in these regulations the term:
(1) "Conventional road" shall mean a noninterstate highway which is not an expressway or freeway.
(2) "Curb service" shall mean that food may be ordered from a vehicle parked in a drive-in service stall and served to a vehicle window by food service staff. At no time shall the vehicle driver or any passenger be required to leave the vehicle to order or be served food.
(3) "Department" shall mean the Washington state department of transportation.
(4) "Expressway" shall mean a divided arterial highway for through traffic with partial control of access and grade separations at most major intersections.
(5) "Fee zone" means:
(a) Fee zone 1, freeways and expressways with average daily trips greater than eighty thousand;
(b) Fee zone 2, freeways and expressways with average daily trips less than eighty thousand;
(c) Fee zone 3, conventional highways.
(6) "Freeway" shall mean an expressway with full control of access, and grade separations over the entire length of the numbered highway route.
(7) "Motorist information signs" shall mean the same as specific service signs as set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices adopted by the department as chapter 468-95 WAC.
(8) "Motorist service activity" shall mean a business furnishing gas, food, lodging, camping, recreation, tourist-oriented, and twenty-four-hour pharmacy services.
(9) "Owner" shall mean a person who owns or operates a motorist service activity and who has authority to enter into and be bound by agreements relevant to matters covered by these regulations.
(10) "Qualified tourist-oriented business" means any lawful cultural, historical, recreational, educational, or entertaining activity or a unique or unusual commercial or nonprofit activity, the major portion of whose income or visitors are derived during its normal business season from motorists not residing in the immediate area of the activity.
(11) "RV symbol" means a logo, for a business or destination that accommodates recreational vehicles, designed and attached to a business sign in accordance with WAC 468-70-060(4).
(12) "Supplemental directional panel" shall mean a motorist information sign panel located on, opposite, or at the terminus of an exit ramp bearing business sign for a qualified motorist service activity and directional information.
(13) "Tourist-oriented directional (TOD) sign" means a sign on a motorist information sign panel on the state highway system to provide directional information to a qualified tourist-oriented business, service, or activity.
(14) "Trade name" shall mean any brand name, trade mark, distinctive symbol or other similar device or thing used to identify a particular motorist service.
(15) "Urban area" shall mean an area including and adjacent to a municipality or other place of five thousand or more population as shown by the latest available federal census.
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