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PDFWAC 468-66-030

General provisions.

(1) Notwithstanding any other provision of the act or these regulations, no signs visible from the main-traveled way of the interstate system, primary system, or scenic system which have any of the following characteristics shall be erected or maintained:
(a) Signs advertising activities that are illegal under state or federal laws or regulations in effect at the location of such signs or at the location of such activities.
(b) Illegal, destroyed, abandoned, or discontinued signs.
(c) Signs that are not clean and in good repair.
(d) Signs that are not securely affixed to a substantial structure.
(e) Signs which attempt or appear to attempt to direct the movement of traffic or which interfere with, imitate, or resemble any official traffic sign, signal or device.
(f) Signs which prevent the driver of a vehicle from having a clear and unobstructed view of at-grade intersections, approaching or merging traffic, official traffic control signs, or other traffic control devices.
(g)(i) Signs which contain, include, or are illuminated by any flashing, intermittent, or moving light or lights, except public service information signs, Type 3 on-premise signs along a primary system highway within an incorporated city or town or commercial or industrial area, or electronic on-premise signs operating in compliance with WAC 468-66-050.
(ii) Signs which have lights that change intensity or color, lasers, strobe lights, or other lights with stroboscopic effect.
(h) Signs which use any lighting in any way unless it is so effectively shielded as to prevent beams or rays of light from being directed at any portion of the traveled ways of the highway or is of such low intensity or brilliance as not to cause glare or to impair the vision of the driver of any motor vehicle, or to otherwise interfere with any driver's operation of a motor vehicle.
(i) Signs which move or have any animated or moving parts, except revolving public service information signs, Type 3 on-premise signs along a primary system highway within an incorporated city or town or commercial or industrial area, or tri-vision signs operating in compliance with WAC 468-66-030(2).
(j) Signs which are erected or maintained upon trees, power poles or painted or drawn upon rocks or other natural features.
(2) Tri-vision signs may be used as Type 3, Type 4, or Type 5 signs, with the provisions following:
(a) Visible to interstate highways, tri-vision signs may only be used as Type 3 signs.
(b) Rotation of one sign face to another sign face is no more frequent than every eight seconds and the actual rotation process shall be accomplished in four seconds or less.
(c) Tri-vision signs shall contain a default mechanism that will stop the sign in one position should a malfunction occur.
(d) Maximum size limitations shall independently apply to each sign face, including framework and border.
(e) Tri-vision signs are subject to all other applicable provisions of chapter 47.42 RCW and chapter 468-66 WAC.
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