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PDFWAC 468-601-040

Local business preference.

Preference in competing for lease agreements shall be given to established local businesses. To be eligible for the preference, an established local business must be offering a similar product or service at a retail outlet that is located within a one-fourth mile radius of the entrance of the park and ride facility; and the retail outlet must have been in operation for at least one hundred twenty days prior to the scheduled solicitation date. A competitive procurement preference shall be granted in each of the following ways:
• The procurement process must allow for the established local retailer to be notified that WSDOT has received one or more letters from potential retailers indicating their intent to compete for a lease at the subject park and ride lot. Upon notification, the established local retailer shall be granted an opportunity to submit a proposal. The period of time allowed for the local retailer's submission of a compliant proposal shall not be less than the time allowed for other proposers to respond; and
• Eligible local businesses shall receive local preference scoring during the evaluation phase of the selection process. WSDOT shall add five percent of total possible points to the final scoring of the site proposal.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 47.04.295. WSR 13-12-070, § 468-601-040, filed 6/5/13, effective 7/6/13.]
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