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PDFWAC 468-550-080

Notifying of and applying financial penalties.

(1) If any RFGPTS fails to comply with any of the requirements or due dates specified in the Washington state rail safety oversight program standard, the department shall notify the RFGPTS in writing of such a violation. These violations will be designated by the department to be one or more findings of noncompliance.
(2) The RFGPTS will have fifteen calendar days to respond to this notification with:
(a) Documentation and records of corrective actions taken, for department review, that fully address the violations and findings of noncompliance; or
(b) Justification for its failure to comply or to provide the required records. The justification must include records of all supporting documentation, corrective actions taken, and all other mitigation plans proposed, planned or implemented with intent to address the violation.
(3) Within thirty days of receipt of the RFGPTS response, the department will review and issue one of the following determinations:
(a) Determination of compliance - Where the department determines that violations have been fully addressed and noncompliance findings can be closed.
(b) Determination of noncompliance with exception - Where the department determines that the RFGPTS has taken action to address violations and has a corrective action plan, acceptable in scope and schedule, in place to come into compliance.
(c) The department may establish a new deadline by which the corrective action plan addressing violations must be fully implemented. Failure by the RFGPTS to meet this new deadline may result in the issuance of a determination of noncompliance.
(d) Determination of noncompliance - Where the department determines that violations have not been adequately addressed by the RFGPTS and there is an absence of acceptable corrective actions taken and/or of acceptable scope and schedule of corrective actions to be taken.
(4) Where, the department issues a determination of noncompliance, the department may issue a second and final notification in writing that states a new deadline by which a financial penalty will be imposed if noncompliance findings cannot be addressed. The amount of the financial penalty will be stated in the written notification. If more than one finding of noncompliance exists, more than one financial penalty may be imposed. Financial penalties will be as follows:
(a) The department may issue a financial penalty of ten thousand dollars for each determination of noncompliance.
(b) Thirty days following the issuance of a financial penalty, the department will determine if the status of the violation remains in noncompliance status. This determination will be based on a review of all additional submittals and actions taken by the RFGPTS. If the status has not been changed to determination of compliance or determination of noncompliance with exception, the department may impose an additional financial penalty of ten thousand dollars per finding of noncompliance.
(c) Following each subsequent thirty-day period, the department will review all additional submittals and actions and impose an additional financial penalty of ten thousand dollars until the determination is reduced to either a finding of noncompliance with exception or a finding of compliance.
(d) If a RFGPTS fails to remit the full amount of the imposed financial penalty within sixty days of when due, the department may seek judicial enforcement to recover full payment. Venue for any action hereunder shall be Thurston County.
(5) Additionally, following any issuance by the department of a determination of noncompliance or of inadequate progress in addressing it, the department may require a meeting with the director responsible for the RFGPTS's operations and maintenance, or with the agency's chief executive, to discuss the RFGPTS's progress in completing the documentation and the potential consequences of delay.
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