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PDFWAC 468-550-060

Annual internal safety audits and reports.

(1) Each RFGPTS shall perform scheduled internal safety audits to evaluate compliance with the Washington state rail safety oversight program standard, to identify hazardous and risk conditions, and to verify that it is fully implementing its safety program as described in its plans and procedures. The RFGPTS shall include its internal safety audit schedule for the following year in the annual report as required by WAC 468-550-070(5). These audits shall determine the level at which the agency has implemented the agency safety plan. Audits may include, but are not limited to, the observation of employees performing system operations and maintenance activities, employee rules compliance checks, the sampling and inspection of selected system components, interviews, and records reviews.
(2) The RFGPTS shall select a qualified person(s) or contractor to perform its internal audits and shall notify the department not later than ten days prior to performing the internal audits. The notification shall include date(s) of audit, what is to be audited, and the qualifications of those selected to perform the audit, such qualifications are subject to departmental concurrence and should describe what relevant experience and/or training qualifies the auditor(s) to conduct these audits. The department may assess the effectiveness of each RFGPTS audit program; however, any departmental review or concurrence shall not substitute for the RFGPTS's own safety inspection audit programs, nor relieve the RFGPTS from its responsibility for the safety of its system.
(3) Where the agency is not fully implementing its agency safety plan, or is not implementing its safety program in accordance with the agency safety plan, the agency must clearly identify deficiencies in its audit report, per the requirements of Washington state rail safety oversight program standard.
(4) Each RFGPTS shall prepare, maintain, and make available for departmental review, records that document the results of all tests, inspections, and audits conducted by the RFGPTS or its contractor in compliance with the plans. These records shall be maintained by the RFGPTS for a minimum of three years. Failure to provide the department with audit reports and associated records and documentation may result in financial or other penalties as described in WAC 468-550-080.
(5) Internal safety audits shall be documented in an annual report that includes the dates the audits were conducted, the scope of the audit activity, the audit findings and recommendations, the status of any corrective actions taken as a result of the audit activity and the results of each audit in terms of the adequacy and effectiveness of the plan. This annual report for the internal safety audits performed during the preceding year shall be included with the annual safety report specified in WAC 468-550-100.
(6) The department may conduct an independent investigation of the agency's audit program or of specific deficiencies and findings identified by the RFGPTS internal safety audits.
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