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PDFWAC 468-550-040

Requirements for agency safety plans.

(1) Rail transit agencies must establish an agency safety plan that complies with the requirements set forth in the Washington state rail safety oversight program standard, which conforms to current federal regulations for agency safety plans. These requirements include the establishment of an agency safety policy, a safety and risk management program, a safety assurance program, and a safety promotion program.
(2) Agency safety plans must establish the agency procedures for the review and revision of the plan. The filing, submittal, review, and approval of agency safety plans must comply with the standard set forth in WAC 468-550-050.
(3) As described in WAC 468-550-060, agency safety plans are subject to reviews and audits from the Washington state rail safety oversight program and the Federal Transit Administration.
(4) Rail transit agencies must conduct internal audits of agency safety plans per the requirements of WAC 468-550-060.
(5) Agency safety plans must establish procedures for the notification, investigation, and reporting of accidents, incidents, and hazards in conformance with the requirements of WAC 468-550-070.
(6) Agency safety plan policy statements must be approved and signed by the agency's accountable executive. The policy statement must assign responsibility for carrying out the plan to the designated agency accountable executive.
(7) Each RFGPTS shall implement and comply with the provisions of its plans and any revisions thereto. Further, should the RFGPTS experience a change in ownership or a change in operating or maintenance providers, the RFGPTS shall require continued compliance with the RFGPTS's established plans and shall notify the department of any change of ownership or operating or maintenance providers within thirty days of the effective date of transfer or contract.
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