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PDFWAC 468-200-300

Records requirements.

Air search and rescue operations conducted under the authority of chapter 47.68 RCW and this chapter are the sole responsibility of the aviation division. All administrative recordkeeping, dispatch records, assignment sheets, action plans, and all other documents generated in the search, training event, or airborne response to a disaster will meet the following requirements:
(1) All forms used shall be forms provided by and authorized by the aviation division. These forms will comply with the tenets of the incident command system with modifications as authorized by the aviation division;
(2) All personnel, regardless of agency or organization shall check in and be placed on rosters provided and controlled by the aviation division;
(3) All assignments, plans, information, logs, etc., shall be on the forms as supplied by the aviation division;
(4) Organizations or personnel wishing to use their own forms for organization recordkeeping may. However the official forms of the mission are those which are supplied by the aviation division and those forms will be used by all who participate;
(5) Personnel responding to support a local jurisdiction mission (conducted in accordance with chapter 38.52 RCW and chapter 118-04 WAC) shall also check in on forms being maintained by the local authority.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 47.68 RCW. WSR 96-02-067 (Order 160), ยง 468-200-300, filed 1/3/96, effective 2/3/96.]
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