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PDFWAC 468-200-100

Classes of emergency workers.

The following classes of emergency workers and the scope of duties of each class are hereby established.
(1) Administration personnel includes, but is not limited to, technical, administrative, and clerical services and may involve recruiting, coordinating, and directing any emergency support activities. Workers under this class will normally not perform their duty functions in isolated or remote locations. They are normally assigned to the incident command post, staging areas, or outlying airports.
(2) Pilots include duties performed by pilots licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration, operating Federal Aviation Administration approved aircraft, in support of emergency management activities. Pilots will be required to complete a mission training program conducted or approved by the aviation division.
(3) Observers include those individuals completing an approved training program to perform duties as an aerial observer on emergency missions.
(4) Communications shall include individuals who support airborne emergency response with air to air, air to ground, or ground to ground communications. Individuals in this class who are registered in accordance with chapter 38.52 RCW and chapter 118-04 WAC shall be deemed registered for the purposes of this chapter.
(5) General includes, but is not limited to, duties which can be performed by persons without permanent specific emergency assignment. These emergency workers may include personnel who do not have any specific training or qualifications, but whose participation is essential to a specific emergency operation.
(6) Transportation includes, but is not limited to, the planning, organizing, maintaining, operating, and coordination of available means of transportation for the movement of supplies, evacuees, personnel, and equipment.
(7) Radio beacon (emergency locator transmitter/emergency position indicating radio beacon) or other electronic transmitting device personnel shall include those personnel who respond by various ground and air modes of transportation to locate and silence electronic distress beacons. Personnel who will be working in isolated or remote areas must be registered and qualified in accordance with chapter 38.52 RCW and chapter 118-04 WAC.
(8) Aircrew (other) consist of crew members conducting airborne communications, aircraft crew chiefs, and airborne controllers.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 47.68 RCW. WSR 96-02-067 (Order 160), ยง 468-200-100, filed 1/3/96, effective 2/3/96.]
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