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PDFWAC 468-18-030

Policy governing use of county roads as haul roads on state highway projects.

(1) The secretary of transportation or his representative shall, at the time of the preliminary planning for any state highway project requiring the use of any county road or portion thereof as a haul road, contact the county officials and advise them that such use is contemplated.
(2) When the final plans for such project are prepared, and prior to advertising for bids, the secretary of transportation or his representative shall meet with the county officials and inform them of the full particulars regarding the intended use of the county road, including estimates of the total yardage involved and the duration of the project.
(3) Before a contract is awarded, the secretary of transportation and the county officials shall sign an agreement setting forth clearly the obligations of the state for defraying added maintenance costs for the county road involved. The agreement shall specifically set forth that the conclusions of the secretary of transportation as to the actual costs to be paid by the state shall be final and conclusive.
(4) Subsequent to the state's contractor having terminated his use of the county road and as soon thereafter as is possible the county shall submit its claim for compensation for additional maintenance and the secretary shall make such review thereof as shall be necessary to ascertain that the state will pay only that portion of the increased maintenance costs occasioned by the state's contractor's use of the county roads.
(5) A special provision in the contract shall specify that the contractor or contractors using the county road as a haul road in connection with the state project shall abide by all weight and speed laws in the operation of his or their equipment and shall be liable for any increased damage to the road by reason of his or their failure to do so.
(6) For administration purposes moneys paid pursuant to the maintenance agreement shall be included as part of the construction project.
[Statutory Authority: 1977 ex.s. c 151. WSR 79-01-033 (DOT Order 10 and Comm. Order 1, Resolution No. 13), ยง 468-18-030, filed 12/20/78. Formerly WAC 252-10-030.]
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