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PDFWAC 463-60-165

Proposal—Water supply.

(1) Water intake and conveyance facilities. The application shall describe the location and type of water intakes, water lines, pipelines and water conveyance systems, and other associated facilities required for providing water to the energy facility for which certification is being requested.
(2) Water supply and usage alternatives.
(a) The applicant shall consider water supply alternatives, including use of reclaimed water, water reuse projects, and conservation methods. The application shall describe all supply alternatives considered, including the associated cost of implementing such alternatives, and the resulting benefits and penalties that would be incurred.
(b) The application shall include detailed information regarding using air cooling as an alternative to consumptive water use, including associated costs.
(c) The application shall describe water conservation methods that will be used during construction and operation of the facility.
(3) Water rights and authorizations. An applicant proposing to use surface or groundwater for the facility shall describe the source and the amount of water required during construction and operation of the energy facility and shall do one or more of the following:
(a) Submit a water use authorization or a contractual right to use water supplied by a municipal corporation or other water purveyor; or
(b) Submit a water right permit or water right certificate issued by the department of ecology for the proposed facility in an amount sufficient to meet the need of the facility. If the permit and/or certificate has been issued five years prior to the submittal date, the applicant shall provide evidence that the water right permit is in good standing, or that the certificate has not relinquished through nonuse; or
(c) For applications for new surface or groundwater withdrawals, or applications for water right changes or transfers of existing rights or certificates for withdrawal, the applicant shall submit appropriate application(s) for such rights, certificates or changes in rights and certificates, to the department of ecology prior to submittal of the application for site certification to the council. The application for site certification shall include report(s) of examination, identifying the water rights, or water right changes, submitted to and under review by the department of ecology, the quantities of water in gallons per minute and acre feet per year that are eligible for change, together with any limitations on use, including time of year. The report(s) of examination shall also include comments by the Washington state department of fish and wildlife with respect to the proposed water right applications under review by the department of ecology.
(d) Mitigation. The application shall contain a description of mitigation proposed for water supply, and shall include any and all mitigation required by the department of ecology pursuant to the review of water rights or certificates, or changes to water rights or certificates required in (c) of this subsection.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.50.040 (1) and (12). WSR 04-21-013, amended and recodified as § 463-60-165, filed 10/11/04, effective 11/11/04. Statutory Authority: RCW 80.50.040(1). WSR 92-09-013, § 463-42-165, filed 4/2/92, effective 5/3/92. Statutory Authority: RCW 80.50.040(1) and chapter 80.50 RCW. WSR 81-21-006 (Order 81-5), § 463-42-165, filed 10/8/81. Formerly WAC 463-42-400.]
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