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PDFWAC 461-08-480

Postponements and continuances of hearings.

(1) Postponement or continuance of a hearing is within the discretion of the presiding officer, whether contested or uncontested by the parties. The board may postpone or continue a hearing on its own motion.
(2) A party may seek the postponement or continuance of a hearing by written motion and according to the procedure set forth in WAC 461-08-475.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21B.170, 90.58.174, chapters 43.21B, 34.05, and 90.58 RCW. WSR 07-03-074, § 461-08-480, filed 1/17/07, effective 2/17/07. Statutory Authority: RCW 90.58.175. WSR 96-15-002, § 461-08-480, filed 7/3/96, effective 8/3/96.]
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