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PDFWAC 460-80-510


All advertising to be used to offer a franchise, subject to the registration requirement, for sale is subject to the following limitations:
(1) An advertisement shall not contain any statement or inference that a purchase of a franchise is a safe investment or that failure, loss, or default is impossible or unlikely, or that earnings or profits are assured.
(2) An advertisement should not normally contain a projection of future franchisee earnings unless such projection is:
(a) Based on past earnings records of all franchisees operating under conditions, including location, substantially similar to conditions affecting franchises being offered;
(b) For a reasonable period only; and
(c) Is substantiated by data which clearly supports such projections.
(3) An advertisement should normally contain the name and address of the person using the advertisement.
(4) If the advertisement contains any endorsement or recommendation of the franchises by any public figure, whether express or implied (for example, by the inclusion of such person's photograph or name in the advertisement), full disclosure shall be made of any compensation or other benefit given or promised by the franchisor or any person associated with the franchisor to such person, directly or indirectly. The disclosure required in this subsection shall be made in the same document containing the advertisement or, if such advertisement is presented on radio or television, as a part of the same program, without any intermission or other intervening material.
(5) Any advertisement which refers to an exemption from or reduction in taxation under any law should be based on an opinion of counsel, and the name of such counsel should be stated in the advertisement.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 19.100 RCW, RCW 19.100.250, 19.100.010, 19.100.030, 19.100.040, 19.100.050, 19.100.070, 19.100.080, 19.100.100, and 19.100.110. WSR 09-22-050, § 460-80-510, filed 10/29/09, effective 11/29/09.]
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