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PDFWAC 460-42A-080

Blue chip exemption.

(1) Any security that meets all of the following conditions is exempted under RCW 21.20.310(8):
(a) If the issuer is not organized under the laws of the United States or a state, it has appointed a duly authorized agent in the United States for service of process and has set forth the name and address of such agent in its prospectus;
(b) A class of the issuer's securities is required to be and is registered under section 12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and has been so registered for the three years immediately preceding the offering date;
(c) Neither the issuer nor a significant subsidiary has had a material default during the lesser of the last seven years or the issuer's existence in the payment of (i) principal, interest, dividend, or sinking fund installment on preferred stock or indebtedness for borrowed money, or (ii) rentals under leases with terms of three years or more. A "material default" is a failure to pay, the effect of which is to cause indebtedness to become due prior to its stated maturity or to cause termination or reentry under a lease prior to its stated expiration, if the indebtedness or the rental obligation for the unexpired term exceeds five percent of the issuer's (and its consolidated subsidiaries) total assets, or if the arrearage in required dividend payments on preferred stock is not cured within thirty days;
(d) The issuer has had annual consolidated net income (before extraordinary items and the cumulative effect of accounting changes) as follows: (i) At least one million dollars in four of its last five fiscal years including its last fiscal year, and (ii) if the offering is of interest bearing securities, at least one and one-half times its annual interest expense, calculating net income before deduction for income taxes and depreciation and giving effect to the proposed offering and the intended use of the proceeds, for its last fiscal year. "Last fiscal year" means the most recent year for which audited financial statements are available, provided that such statements cover a fiscal period ended not more than fifteen months from the commencement of the offering.
(e) If the offering is of stock or shares (other than preferred stock or shares), and except as otherwise required by law, the securities have voting rights at least equal to the securities of each of the issuer's outstanding classes of stock or shares (other than preferred stock or shares), with respect to (i) the number of votes per share, and (ii) the right to vote on the same general corporate decisions;
(f) If the offering is of stock or shares (other than preferred stock or shares), the securities are owned beneficially or of record, on any date within six months prior to the commencement of the offering, by at least twelve hundred persons, and on that date there are at least seven hundred fifty thousand of the shares outstanding with an aggregate market value, based on the average bid price, of at least three million seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. In determining the number of persons who are beneficial owners of the stock or shares, the issuer or a broker-dealer may rely in good faith upon written information furnished by record owners;
(g) Provided that, if the securities to be issued are listed, or approved for listing upon notice of issuance, on the New York Stock Exchange, Inc. or the American Stock Exchange, Inc., and the current original listing standards of that exchange are satisfied as of the end of the issuer's most recent fiscal year, the conditions of (c) of this subsection need be met for only five years and the annual net earnings requirement of (d)(i) of this subsection shall be two hundred fifty thousand dollars;
(h) And provided further that, if the issuer of the securities is a finance company with liquid assets of at least one hundred five percent of its liabilities (other than deferred income taxes, deferred investment tax credits, capital stock and surplus) at the end of each of its last five fiscal years, the net income requirement of (d)(ii) of this subsection, but before deduction for interest expense, shall be one and one-fourth times its annual interest expense. "Finance company" means a company engaged primarily in the business of wholesale, retail, installment, mortgage, commercial, industrial or consumer financing, banking or factoring. "Liquid assets" means cash receivables payable on demand or not more than twelve years following the close of the company's last fiscal year, and readily marketable securities, in each case less applicable reserves and unearned income.
(2) An issuer meets the conditions of WAC 460-42A-080 (1)(b), (c) and (d) if either the issuer or the issuer and the issuer's predecessor, taken together, meet these conditions and if: (a) The succession was primarily for the purpose of changing the state of incorporation of the predecessor or forming a holding company and the assets and liabilities of the successor at the time of succession were substantially the same as those of the predecessor, or (b) all predecessors met the conditions at the time of succession and the issuer has continued to do so since the succession.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 21.20.310(8) and 21.20.450. WSR 88-01-061 (Order SDO-115B-87), § 460-42A-080, filed 12/17/87; WSR 82-18-037 (Order SDO-100-82), § 460-42A-080, filed 8/27/82; WSR 80-04-037 (Order SDO-37-80), § 460-42A-080, filed 3/19/80. Statutory Authority: 1979 ex.s. c 68 § 20(8). WSR 79-09-028 (Order SD-57-79), § 460-42A-080, filed 8/14/79.]
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